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August 28th 2015
Name – Minxy Marion
Ring Card Girl

Where are you from ?
Rock Hill, South Carolina.

How did you become an MMA Ring Girl ?
The local promotion Hard Play MMA had a competition and I was told I should enter, so I did and I was one of the girls chosen and it’s gone from there.

Did you know about MMA before working in the industry?
I had a few friends that trained for it and obviously what I had seen on TV.

What do you think of MMA as a sport?
I think it’s a great sport it challenges the fighters and you are always learning something new and different.

Were your family and friends supportive when you decided to become a Ring Girl ?
Haha yeah its 50/50 some think it’s awesome and some don’t think I should be flaunting my body around like that but at the end of the day I do what I like and I really enjoy it and I always male sure I’m around people who won’t let anything bad happen to me.

What promotions do you work for ?
I have so far worked with three promotions. Hard Play MMA, Valor fights out of Tennessee and Conflict MMA out of Charleston SC.

Are you a fan of women’s MMA and if so, would you ever compete?
It’s growing on me I know a few women who do it and are amazing. I am not sure if I ever would I just want to start boxing for another fitness outlet and challenge.

Favourite moment as a ring girl ?
Photos with the fans, meeting the amazing fighters and of course I love walking around that ring with the card or belt held high

When you’re on your way to the cage and the lights and eyes are on you, what’s going through your mind ?
“Don’t trip”
“I hope the number on the card isn’t upside down”
“am I walking too fast or slow”
“I hope I look good”
“ don’t step on the blood”

What’s the lamest thing a guy has yelled out at you while you’re up their holding cards?
You can hold my card, baby.

When you’re not at events what do you like to do in your free time ?
I work a lot so free time doesn’t happen much but I see my family and do whatever sounds fun at the time.

Who is your favourite fighter ?
Honestly, I don’t have one I don’t get to follow it as much as I’d like too. I guess my friends that fight would be my favorite but I don’t even get to see them fight much I work a lot haha.

You’ve seen your fair share of live fights Which one sticks out in your memory the most?
There was a fight that the guys touched gloves backed up a little and the guy in the blue corner landed a hit in the guys face and knocked him out wasn’t 15seconds in I was like “did that really just happen???”

What is your favourite part of being at an event ?
When they announce the ring girls names and hearing the crowd roar it’s pretty awesome.

Most people think being a ring card girl is the easiest job ever. What’s the hardest part about being a ring card girl ?
Timing of when it’s okay to go in the cage pacing the walk and just making sure you don’t make funny faces all the time I’ve seen myself in the background of a lot of pictures and it’s not pretty haha.

For all the aspiring ring card girls out there, what advice can you give them ?
Keep talking to promoters keep your name on their mind.

what do you do to keep in shape and what does your diet consist of ?
I eat as clean as I can and get to the gym as often as I can I’m very busy in my non ring girl life so it’s not always easy to make it.

Alright, I’m sure the Fighting monkeys fan section wants to know, are you single and if you are how should a very brave fight fan approach you if he’s looking to get to know you better ?
Good job reminding me, yes I am. Just approach me like a human being not a piece of meat. Obviously I know I’m flaunting myself like one. Just talk to me show me who you are, be honest. If I like you and you’re cute I might ask for your number first haha.

Finally, What are your plans for the future?
I have a professional life I just graduated college so I want to expand on that but as far as ring girl I want to work with as many promotions as I can and travel with it I want people to want me at their fights

Is there anyone you want to give a shout out to ?
Just a shout out to my sponsors One hundred percent violence and straight blast energy shot.