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The newly christened Monomoy High School in Harwich Massachusetts is adding to its list of amazing academic and sports programs with the addition of a Jujitsu club
Which will be taught by Brazilian jujitsu Brown belt John “Polar Bear”Herring who is also a special education teacher at the high school.

John took some time out of his training and teaching schedule to
Sit with The Fighting Monkey And Talk a little about his journey in jujitsu and the new program he is building at Monomoy High School.

How did you get in to jujitsu ?
Peter Chassie an employee at the squire invited me to train with Jesse Sullivan
Van Mariano and Jimmy Oliver

How long have you been
training ?
8 and half years

Who do you train under ?
I’m a Brown belt under Professor Juliano Coutinho at Gracie Fitness

What was your inspiration for starting this jujitsu club at Monomoy High School?
Kids need a push, ive seen other programs succeed, through kym sturdivant, vector etc…

What lessons do you hope to teach the kids involved with this program ?
That whatever life gives you, you can escape and turn it around

How do you feel your background as a special educations teacher will benefit this program?
Patience, reinforcement, pride in the kids pushing themselves

How do feel this program will impact the kids at Monomoy High School ?
That it’s another positive aspect of an already great school

What are your long-term goals for this program do you plan on expanding it to other schools on cape cod ?
Dont know just starting out this week I hope

What can parents expect their children to learn under your guidance and more importantly what are the benefits of jujitsu for young people ?
Discipline, good decision-making, and perseverance

When will this program launch and how can parents sign their kids up ?
I hope this week and once i get the initial 6 going I’m going to advertise at the school for everyone

What is the cost to sign up for the program ?

Last but certainly not least
Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to ?
Juliano Coutinho
Loco Lobo
kym sturdivant and all my sponsors
Adam sawyer for coming up to help my superfight training my teammates Gracie fitnes, Juniko, Newaza integrated martial arts and Sityodtong.

Last but not least my best friend my wife Debra for always loving and believing in me

Make sure you check out and And show some love to John on his personal fan page