April 28th 2016

Fighter Profile
Name – Bharti Dhounddiyal
Record – 1 win 3 losses
Weight – 115 pounds
Team – Olympia Martial Arts Academy

Where are you from ?
I live in Delhi India.

How long have you been training ?
I have been training for the last 5 years.

How did you get in to MMA ?
I got in to MMA Because one day in my school i got in a fight with a group of boys and after that I decided to learn martial arts.

Tell us about your nickname and how you got it
In India i was called Ronda Rousey because i look like Ronda Rousey but i fight like Holly Holm.

When you decided to become a fighter where your family and friends supportive ?
It was not very difficult for me to become a fighter because my father is also a boxer so i got full support from my family and full support from my friends also.
They supported me at every stage emotional and financial.

What are some of your accomplishments in MMA ?
I have been a multi time national medalist , a one time Asian championship silver medalist , a pro MMA fighter and right now i am holding the 2016 national championship belt.

What is your most dangerous weapon ?
My kicks are my weapons I use them to knockout my opponents.

Who is your biggest inspiration ?
My inspiration is only me I love myself and want to see myself on the top of the world.

What team do you train with ?
I train with Olympia Martial Arts Academy (DELHI).

Do you like to stand with your opponents or take the fight to the ground ?
I love to stand and fight and try to finish my fight by knockout.

What does being a fighter mean to you ?
Being a fighter is a difficult thing but being a fighter is also the best thing.
I love to fight I enjoy fighting. Fighting is my everything.

What weight do you fight at ?
I fight from 48-52 kg (105-115 pounds).


What separates you from other fighters ?
In India fighters start training just 2-3 months before there upcoming fights but i train year round i love training.

if you where given one dream fight who would it be against and why ?
my dream is to beat the world champion whoever it is.

what had been your toughest challenge to date ?
Once i had a fight at the Taekwondo national i had fight with a girl named Atika Bhandhari she is the only one whom i found tough to me.

What is your mindset going in to a fight ?
To finish my fight as early as possible.

What weaknesses or holes do you look to exploit in your opponents ?
I don’t see weaknesses. Once the referee says start I am in beast mode and start striking.
Only one thing is going through my mind during the fight and that is to finish the fight as
early as possible.

What promotion do you fight for ?
Right now i am not associated with any promotions.

Who are you fighting next ?
My next fight is not updated yet.

What do you want people to remember you for at the end of your career ?
At the end of my career I would like to be remembered as a world champion and the best MMA fighter out there.

What drives or motivates you ?
My coach Amit Goswami is the guy who is my motivation he trained me.
For my success i give all credit to my coach Amit.

How would you describe your fighting style ?
I have my own fighting style you can call it Bharti’s Art(Hahahah)…..

What is something people don’t know about you ?
I am a very soft hearted women and i want peace everywhere.
When i become an icon and people start knowing and loving me. i will request everyone to stop fighting and live in peace.

What do you think you would be doing if you had never become a fighter ?
I would like to go on a world trip with my mom and i want to open a shelter for street animals.

Who is your favorite fighter ?
Holly Holm is my favorite fighter.

When you are not training what do you like to do in your free time ?
When i got free time from training i used to play with street animals.

What do you think the biggest challenges are for women in MMA ?
I don’t think that there is are any big challenges for females in martial arts.

What advice can you give to young female fighters ?
My advice for young female fighters is that women are powerful you can do anything.

Where do you see women’s MMA in 5-10 years ?
In 5-10 years women are going to blow the world up with there martial arts talent.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
I’m coming in 2017 i will be known world wide. My journey for success has been started.

What are your goals within the sport ?
Sports should be given first priority in every country sports help to people to stay fit and healthy.

Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to ?
For my success I would like to thank
Mr. Amit Goswami , Alan Fernandis and Daniel Issac.