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June 8th 2016

This interview was conducted with Hannah Ruffin
In loving memory of her son
Kade “Katastrophe” Moes
11/20/1999 – 3/29/2016
“Never to suffer would Never to have been blessed”
-Edgar Allan Poe-
Fighter Profile 

Name – Kade Moes
Nickname – Katastrophe
Weight – 125 Pounds
Record – 4 wins 0 losses
Team – Hard Nocks MMA

Where are you from ?
Kade is from Reading Michigan. We currently live in Frontier Michigan.

How long had Kade been training ?
Kade had been training since October 2013 sporadically…he tightened up when he made the Decision to actually get into the cage. Which was July of 2015…he had his first fight September 23, 2015

How did Kade get in to MMA ?
Kade got into mma as a structured way to release his anger..we decided together that mma was constructive. My husband is a mma fighter…so the decision was easy when we discussed it.

Tell us about Kades nickname and how he got it ?
It was a couple of days before his first fight, we were trying to think of a nickname but decided it shouldn’t come from us, being family members. We decided to ask the fighters that kade respected most i.e. Aaron Smith, Ken Wolfmack…and one of his sponsors Detroit mma’s Dee Lee…they came up with the name for him…and told him he’d better live up to it!

What was the defining moment for Kade when you knew he wanted to become a fighter ?
The defining moment for Kade becoming a fighter was when he actually put in the work (training) that he needed, ritualistically, to be able to fight…he knew he was fighting to win…

What Was Kade’s record ?
Kade is 4-0 and still is the youngest to hold a #1 spot in any weight class in Michigan. He still holds the #1 flyweight title.
1st- guillotine
2nd- to (opponent couldn’t answer bell)
3rd- ko
4th..Kade broke his jaw.

What was Kades favorite strike or submission ?
Kades favorite strike…it changed from fight to fight. He’d set his mind on something and do it. He trained for each opponent and decided how he wanted to win..

Who was Kades biggest inspiration ?
His biggest inspiration, I’d have to say, is my husband, his stepfather, Brandon “Dark Country” Ruffin

What team did he train with ?
He always trained at home…but his initial training was with Home Team…when he decided he wanted to get in the cage, he trained at Hard Nocks MMA

What did being a fighter mean to Kade ?
To Kade, being a fighter meant discipline and structure…we instilled in him the importance of making weight and training. It meant he could fight, legally. He knew we would stand behind him and support him no matter what. He liked setting an attainable example for others wanting to get in the sport.

If Kade could have picked one dream fight who would it be against ?
He didn’t have 1 person that he wanted to fight. He knew each fight would be more challenging, and that’s what we looked for. He was, however, looking forward to his next fight being a title match..he wanted a belt.

Can you explain for those that don’t know what happened to Kade ?
Kade was speeding down the hill all of the local kids race down. He had a friend in the car, he was trying to get her home by curfew, which was 9PM. There was a vehicle behind him. As he approached the railroad tracks, a kid from his school was heading toward Kade with his dad (Dalton’s) driving the vehicle. The oncoming vehicle came into Kades lane with their brights on which caused Kade to swerve off the road in order to miss the oncoming vehicle as well as the one behind him…Kade hit the rr pole and died on impact. His passenger was left with serious injuries and was life flighted to Toledo.

Take us back to the moment you found out about the accident what went through your mind ?
The moment I found out Kade was in an accident…I thought of nothing, but that I need to get there. When I got there and saw the car, I already knew that he was gone. They weren’t even tending to him. My thought was that people need to die for this! And why aren’t they doing anything ?

How has this tragedy impacted and affected your family ?
My family, our family, Kades friends…we’ll never be the same. We are forever changed. There will always be an empty spot. Kade is an amazing, talented, spirited, smart, handsome, funny kid. There is nothing anyone can do to fill that void.

What do you want people to remember Kade for ?
I want him to be remembered as the kid he is…not whatever version they wanna tell. If people don’t know him well enough to speak on him, they shouldn’t.

What is something you want people to know about Kade ?
My child is and always has been special…
I want people to know how much he is respected, loved, missed, how good of a friend, child, athlete and big brother he is…even in his last moments, he was trying to help a friend.

When he wasn’t in the gym training what did Kade enjoy doing in his free time ?
When Kade wasn’t training, he was involved in so many things. He went to bacc for diesel mechanics, he was the only kid that wasn’t a senior that went to state in track, he played football, baseball, he wrestled (5-1), he loved to ride horses, shoot guns, hunting, fishing, read books, watch horror movies, fight with his brothers and sisters, and he played the drums.

What advice do you think Kade would want to leave for young fighters ?
I think Kade would tell me fighters that “fighting is hard work, but if you want it bad enough, you can do it. You have to work for it, but it’s worth it. Get a good gym, cross train, and find someone you trust, someone who will be fair, to manage you…no one likes a padded record”

Who was Kades favorite fighter ?
Kades favorite fighters are Aaron “Beat Dem Up” Smith, Brandon “Dark Country” Ruffin and Ken “Wolfmack” Hunt

Is there anything you would like to say in closing ?
I just want my son’s memory alive…I want people to remember him for all the things he accomplished by the young age of 16…the kind of person he was, he would go out of his way for people, even when they didn’t deserve it. After every fight, every win, he remained humble, showed genuine concern, and showed appreciation to every opponent, promoter, match makers, and any other fighter.
He felt like his sports teams and MMA was a brotherhood. He respected it as such, just as he did his family. If you were lucky enough to be a part of his life, he made sure to make you feel just that way, lucky.