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Ammo Fight League
New England’s Premier MMA, Grappling Championship and Super Fight Tournament Promotion

Tell us about the concept behind Ammo Fight League ?
Ammo is a Grappling / MMA organization it started off as just a grappling organization Bill Idol the owner was very successful in music initially. He had studied JiuJitsu for years so naturally he wanted to get in to the sport. We started Ammo about 3 and a half years ago years ago with 12 guys at our first event and each event we grew organically each event is bigger and better than the last and people just kept coming till there where hundreds in attendance.
The nature of ammo is we have gi and no gi fights for all ages and skill levels, we do anything to get the name out there we attract a lot of really good competitors from UFC
 level guys to kids looking to test out their skills and we have been lucky enough to sponsor two fighters in their careers.

What makes Ammo different from other grappling tournaments ?
The biggest thing is the super fights and attractions we do our tournaments in the same place at nomads adventure quest in Windsor Connecticut, plus the entertainment value of the event we are accessible and affordable and we look after our fighters as they progress through their careers.

Can you tell us a little about how your tournaments run and how they are staffed ?
We are staffed by the same guys each event we have a 4 match system kids first and then higher ranks follow. Our match maker Kym Sturdivant sets up all the fights and we go from there one of the things we try not to let happen is letting things run to late no one wants to be there till 7 or 8 o clock at night we make sure everyone gets a fight and that’s our goal everyone walks out as happy as they walked in.

What is the objective of Ammo Fight League ?
The objective is to grow but we can’t force it we have to let it grow from within and let it blossom. The goal is to do more with the platform we are given and expand Ammo in to new places with the same goal of seeing both fans and fighters leave feeling happy and satisfied we are all here for the love of the sport no one here is money motivated the motivation is putting out a good product.

What can we expect to see from ammo heading in to the summer and beyond ?
We are going to do 4 more events this year and from there. All I can say for now is stand by for some very big things that will be happening in the future.

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