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For Immediate Release
June 26th 2016

July 30th 2016 Premier Fighting Championship returns to Springfield Massachusetts and the Mass Mutual Center for their 20th event featuring a stacked card of up and coming talent all the way to UFC , Bellator , and World Series Of Fighting Veterans.

With 23 fights on the card this event is shaping up to be a night to remember.
We had the chance to sit down with Premier FC owner and Promoter Karyn Wesch and talk about the upcoming card MMA and what its like to be a women working in a male dominated sport check out what she had to say below.

What is the idea or concept behinde Premier FC ?
The idea for Premier FC started in an office in a fight school back in 2009. Our sport was not sanctioned yet in Massachusetts. I watched as fighters were made a lot of promises that were not being fulfilled by local promoters. They were mismatched often to the “big-ticket seller”. At the time MMA was not regulated so trusting the Promoter or Matchmaker was a must. The downfall to that was there were a lot of shady Promoters and Matchmakers but no one could do anything about it as it was the only option to fight. I also saw a lot of shady dealings with the general MMA fan who came to watch these shows. They also were made to anticipate a certain level of fights but were often let down as they were so mismatched. As a fight Manager at the time, I couldn’t stand to see what direction the sport was going in at the local level. I decided in that office that I needed to find a way to make a difference and I decided that Premier FC was the way to go.

What is it like being one of the few female promoters in a male dominated sport ?
That is an interesting question as it has been asked of me many times. I guess the only way to explain it is that I don’t feel that my sex has anything to do with the growth of my business. I DO know in the beginning there were not a lot of happy local promoters who saw a girl entering the “man cave”. I was the first Promoter to gain a license in Massachusetts under the sanctioning body so you would think that would have stood for something. I had a few run ins with one in particular that vandalized my vehicle and ran me off the road. I also had a few emails sent that were pretty abrasive but in the end, if I can’t handle that, I shouldn’t be in a sport like this. Over time I believe that I have gained and earned the respect of fellow Promoters as well as fighters. I think they all know that I am not going anywhere. I put on an honest show. I don’t make promises that I can’t keep and I ALWAYS look out what is best for each fighter who comes into my cage. I always imagine their moms are sitting in the front row. I match with that thought as I want my fighters to all know that it’s about them. I don’t pad records and I don’t give the local ticket seller easy fights. It’s just not my style.

What challenges have you faced in building Premier FC ?
MMA as a whole is a cut throat sport. When MMA was sanctioned back in 2010 in Massachusetts every Promoter thought it was their nitch. I want to say within the first few months there were about 18 of us just in Massachusetts. Over time you realize that this is not a business where you just put up a cage and sell some tickets. It’s a business like many. You need to put in ALOT of hard work! What I feel has been the most difficult is learning and being in compliance with the MSAC. Because it was not sanctioned up to that point, I was part of the learning process with the actual commission themselves. As they changed and learned, we needed to keep going back and redoing the way we organized our business when it came to fighters, keeping within regulations and staying in compliance with the actual shows themselves. I feel as though MMA is now out of its infancy stage in Massachusetts but only have we entered the toddler stage which sometimes can be even more trying. No matter the challenge set before myself and my team, we will push forward the best we can and make sure to have fun in the process!!

Premier FC makes its return to the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield on July 30th what can the fans expect with this upcoming event ?
This will be my 20th event. I’m VERY excited to be working back with the team at Mass Mutual. As a business we look to have organic growth. We started in a small rundown theater. Over the years we really have stayed focused no matter the bumps but with those growing pains, I think we have come up with the best show possible to share with our growing fan base. This fight card is rather large. We have ALL levels of fighters from our new Amateurs up to Professional UFC, Bellator and WSOF veterans. Its going to be an AMAZING night of talent thanks to the extremely hard work of our fighters in their camps.

What Seperates Premier FC from the rest of the promotions in New England ?
I think everyone does what they feel is best for their leagues.
I see a lot of Promoters only utilize the local fighters in which the cards host a lot of the same fighters each show. I try to spread out the talent a little more. A lot of our local fighters want to head off to the big stage. In order to do that, I feel that there needs to be fresh opportunity. The way I try to balance that is to pull fighters in who are not from the local area to fight local fighters. I do believe that we, in the North East have AMAZING and talented fighters. I also believe that the few Promoters who still do shows here are pretty good at keeping the course. (some better than others). I can only hope that at the end of the day, WE, as a whole in this sport, can keep honest fighters fighting for honest money in honest leagues. I feel that I have pushed for that with Premier and I feel that with our organic growth over the years that we are accomplishing that.

Fight Card for July 30th
this is not the order of the card on fight night.

Main Card Pros
Ricardo Funch vs Matt Secor (170 pounds)
Leon Davis vs Fraji Samiullah (155 pounds)
Joe Reverdez vs Mike Mangan (145 pounds)
Sarah Payant vs Leah Letson (135 pounds)
Kemren Lochinov vs Tom Regal (170 pounds)
Andrew Chirico 155lb Jason Bakonowski
Vinicous De Jesus vs Montoyia Swillings (170 pounds)
Dan Dubuque vs Christian Torres (155 pounds0
Terell Clark vs Mark Glover (185 pounds)
Evander Russ vs Nick Alley (175 pounds)
Erick Rodriques vs Paul karabon (135 pounds)
Dan Cormier vs Ken Murphy (125 pounds

Marisa Belenchia vs Laken Jowers (105 pounds)
Chris Disonell vs Shelton Sales (145 pound Title)
Aaron Reverdez vs Kenny Champion (145 pounds)
Mike Kimble vs Zachary Searle (125 pounds)
Marcel Romano vs Tim Cenebre (145 pounds)
Jsin Helger vs Anthony Benevedes (170 pounds)
Brandon Murphy vs Dennis Brown (170 pounds)
Tammy Worrick vs Hannah Regina (125 pounds)
Pat Casey vs Rob Marin (185 pounds)
Lisa Blaine vs Kerri Kenneson (125 pounds)
Rene Infantas vs ChristopherWilliams (185 Pounds)

card subject to change.

Premier FC 20 will take place from the Mass Mutual center located at
1277 Main St, Springfield, Massachusetts 01103
doors open at 6pm and fights start at 7pm

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