The Mean One Plays Spoiler

It’s no secret that there is quite a rivalry between New England And New york when it comes to sports and last night in Plymouth Massachusetts that rivalry crossed over in to the Cage Titans Cage in front of a packed house inside the hallowed grounds of the Plymouth Memorial Hall as the home town fighter Remo Cardarelli looked for retribution against New Yorks infamous Mean One Darren Mima.
This was not the first time these two fighters had met inside the cage but a rematch from last year at CES 31 where Darren picked up a devastating KO victory over Cardarelli just 27 seconds into the first round by way of a thunderous slam. But on this night there was more than pride and retribution on the line as the winner of this fight would become the new Cage Titans Pro Flyweight champion.
Both men would come out guns blazing but it was Mima that would get the better of the exchanges finding great success in taking his very game opponent to the mat and grounding him for the better part of three rounds before ultimately sinking in a Rear Naked Choke in the third round that would leave his opponent unconscious thus crowning Darren Mima the new Cage Titans Flyweight Champion and ensuring that he would be bringing one of new England’s top prizes home with him to New York.
Now normally this is where the story would end but not on this night after securing the victory and the title Mima proceeded to jump the cage and make some comments towards his fallen opponents family that drew the ire of Cage Titans amature Flyweight Champion and Cardarelli team mate Richard Santiago.
After a brief altercation cage side both men were separated but many questions where left unanswered one thing that is clear is that on this night Darren Mima solidified himself as one of the top dogs in New England well at the same time possibly becoming one of the most disliked fighters in New England only time will tell if we will see Richard Santiago go pro to try to avenge his teammates loss against The Mean One and O what a war that would be.