August 30th 2016

We had a chance to sit with Mr.Erik Boffi this week and talk about his upcoming event on October 1st in Rhode Island. Check out what he had to say below and learn a little more about MightyMan Mixed Standup championship.

When was your first show ?
I have been doing shows for decades in Europe, Vienna , the middle east etc .
the first of this concept about two and half years ago.

What is the concept and idea behind MightyMan Mixed Standup Championship ?
MightyMan shows everyone has a mighty element inside of them some might be mighty in the boardroom but everyone is special. I researched many styles and all have similarities.Knees and elbows are not unique to Mauy Thai many Chinese and Japanese forms have these elements so in this competition any style can compete against any style.They can either refine or add to the style there doing or if they feel what they are doing is sufficient they can compete as is. There are surprises on both sides believe me..thus the human element. Also karate or any fighting art is an applied science you can’t just do the moves you must believe with your whole heart in the art .

What separates MightyMan Mixed Standup Championship from the rest of the promotions out there ?
I call this art the MightyMAN to command control, execution,fury, and respect to each other.I got a Soke Title for the concept which means it is its own style. I use K-1 for amateur events because no knees or elbows to the head, but to the body its permitted .

What can fans look forward to when they attend a MightyMan event ?
I am a martial artist with three master level titles, and two world KRU recognitions . . this is becoming the new fun sport fighting competition it’s called the MightyMan Mixed Standup Championship the next event is in Rhode Island on Saturday,October 1st 2016.I want to do two per year in Rohde Island I then add two in New Hampshire.
MightyMan Mixed Standup Championship is sponsored by Bluezone Management.
For more information check out there website below.