IN MEMORY OF Liam Mikael Kowal.
RIP 5/25/2015 – 9/4/2016

On September 3, 2016, at approximately 4:15pm, Marcus Kowal and Mishel Elder’s sister and 15 month old son Liam were hit by a 72-year-old female drunk driver in her SUV while the two were within the cross walk of Hawthorne Blvd and 133rd Street in Hawthorne, CA.   Mishel’s sister is in stable condition with serious injuries.  Tragically, their only child, Liam, was critically injured and died on Sept 4, 2016 due to his injuries.


Please click the link below to help support the Kowal Family at this tragic time by contruibuting to the gofundme account that has been set up in memory of baby Liam famil

Please Do Not Drink And Drive

In todays world of technology and cell phones there is no excuse for getting behind the wheel of a vehical well you are intoxicated it takes 2 minutes to dial a taxi or get an Uber or Lyft driver to come get you this little boy would still be alive today had it not been for the actions of one person who decided to drink and drive becasue of this person a family has been shattered.