September 9th 2016

The Fighting Monkeys MMA Madness sat down with owner and promoter Bill Idol this week to talk to him about his new MMA promotion that will be holding its first show November 19th at The Eastern States Exposition Center in West Springfield Massachusetts.bill2

November will be your first MMA event what can the fans look forward to ?
If anyone knows Bill Idol and AMMO they should expect a great exciting night of fights.

What is the idea or concept behind Ammo Fight League ?
To provide a platform for amateur and pro fighters to show their skills.

What challenges have you faced in building your promotion ?
Nothing that I can not handle or get by.

When is your next event ?
AMMO Grappling has AMMO Halloween Submission only at Gracie Seymour on Sunday Oct 30th and AMMO 4 on Sat December 3rd at Nomads

What Separates Ammo from the rest of the promotions out there ?
I’m not out to standout from any of the other promotions, this is not about me or them, it’s about the fighter. I am very successful in what I do today in my music business. I have brought AMMO Grappling to a level that everyone knows us and the league today and I expect to do the same with AMMO MMA. I do not start anything that i will not succeed in!
What can we look forward to in the future from your promotion ?
Everyone will just have to wait in see, I plan on combining and incorporating many other aspects of my music business into my MMA promotion.

Will you continue to run grappling tournaments as well as MMA events ?
Most defiantly, AMMO Grappling is here to stay.

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