September 22nd 2016

Fighter Profile
Name – Keenan Raymond
Record – 4 wins 3 losses
Weight – 155 pounds
Team – Redline Fight Sports

Where are you from ?
I am from Providence Rhode Island.

How long have you been training in MMA ?
I have been training for 7 years.

How did you get in to Mixed Martial Arts ?
My friend Luis “Rock Star” Felix asked me and I said yes.

Tell us about your nickname and how you got it ?
Keenan came from kids on my street not being able to say Hakeem.

What was the defining moment when you knew being a fighter was what you wanted to do?
My first Kickboxing match against a bigger guy.

Where your family and friends supportive when you decided to pursue a career in MMA ?
At times but they where afraid of serious injury.

What is your current record ?

What is your favorite strike to utilize in a fight ?
The Head kick.

Who is your biggest inspiration ?
My family and friends I want to make them proud.

What team do you train with ?
Red Line ,Victory and Mayo Quango.

When you are in control of a fight where do you like it to take place do you prefer to stand and bang or go to the ground ?
I started of as a ground guy but after my first knock out I fell in love but a w is a w.

What does being a fighter mean to you ?
A better future.

What weight do you fight at ?
155 pounds.

What do you think sets you apart from other fighters ?
My willingness to improve and not give up no matter how long the road is.

If you were given one dream fight who would it be against ?
Eddie Alvarez.

Which of your opponents would you say has given you your toughest challenge in the cage?
Peter Barrett.

What is your mindset going into fight night ?
Win no matter what.

Who are you fighting next ?
Andrew Chiricio.

What weaknesses will you look to exploit in your opponents game for the win ?
His striking.

What promotion are you fighting for ?
Ammo Fight League.

Date and time of your upcoming fight ?
Nov 19th between 5-11:45 pm.

What do you want people to remember you for at the end of your career ?
Someone who changed the game and as a people’s champ not just the shows.

What is your favorite quote or motto ?
Chin down hands up.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in MMA ?
Fighting for Bellator.

Who has been most influential to you in your career ?
Everyone I train with is in their own way.

Who do you think has had the biggest impact on the sport and why ?
Dana White made fighters actually have to fight unlike the early days. Later on he changed the rules and everything.

How would you describe your fighting style ?

What motivates you to fight ?
My fans.

What is something fans might not know about you ?
I like country music.

When you’re not training what do you enjoy doing in your free time ?
Eating or just hanging out.

What advice can you give to young kids trying to break into the sport ?
Train hard , sacrifice and stay focused.

What do you think you would be doing today if you had not become a fighter ?
I would be in school.

What gets you excited and motivated for a fight ?
Signing the contract.

Where do you see MMA as a sport in the next 5 years ?
More violent.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?
With a clothing line and as champ of two organizations.

Who is your favorite fighter ?
Eddie Alvarez.

Is there anyone you want to thank or give a shout out to ?
My sponsors and my family and friends.