October 17th 2016

Fighter Profile
Name – Makinde Adeyemi
Record – 4 wins 6 losses
Weight – 70-77kg (154-169 pounds)
Team – Ryoshin Fight Team

Where are you from ?
I’m originally from Nigeria, it’s a huge country in West Africa. Lived there for about 9 years and then moved to Dublin Ireland. Been here ever since, plan to stay here too. Travel the world through martial arts of course but ideally live here.

How long have you been training ?
I’ve been training for about 7 years now.

How did you get in to MMA ?
I got introduced to the sport by one of my closest friends actually, his dad is like a martial arts savant, Tony Carrick, my main coach. Went training for the first time in the small gym we started in and fell in love with it.

Tell us about your nickname how you got it ?
Don’t have one at the moment haha.

What was the defining moment for you when you knew you wanted to become a fighter ?
After I won my first amateur bout, the feeling of success after training so hard and putting work in, nothing better than showcasing it.

Were your family and friends supportive when you decided to enter the world of MMA ?
Hell no, I come from a traditional Nigerian home so the idea of M.M.A essentially “cage fighting” was an alien idea. Took a lot of convincing but after they’ve seen the hardworking and positive person it’s made me they don’t object quite as much. Plus it helps that I’m good at it.

What is your current record ?
I’m 4-6 at amateur atm, records not the greatest on paper but that’ll change very soon. Trust me.

What is your favorite strike or submission to utilize in a fight ?
Favourite strike has to be the superman punch, no better way to cover distance, set up a takedown or a combo in my opinion. Favourite submission has to be the classic armbar, so straightforward yet so many setups to it.

Who is your biggest inspiration ?
My mother without a doubt, the most hardworking person and selfless person I’ve ever known.

What team do you train with ?
Ryoshin Fight Team based in Dublin Ireland.

Do you like to stand with your opponent or take the fight to the ground ?
Wherever the fight goes I can handle it, MMA is all about adaptability.

What does being a fighter mean to you ?
Being a tenacious problem solver.

What weight do you fight at ?
I float around between 70-77kg, as I’m still an amateur I feel fighting bigger guys when possible will be of huge benefit when I enter the pro rankings and fight opponents of the same size.

What do you think separates you from other fighters In your division ?
Sounds cliché but I’m absolutely obsessed with martial arts, encompasses the majority of my daily thoughts and actions, also I won’t stop for anything or anyone till I reach the pinnacle of this sport.

If you could have one dream fight who would it be against ?
Still a long way to reaching his skill level but George “Rush” St Pierre. Defines a true mixed martial artist. Level changes are excellent, the transitions between striking and sub-wrestling. Could go on all day.

Who has been your toughest fight to date ?
Honestly, a recent fight I had in Scotland against Chris Duncan. I felt I truly performed in this fight but came up short in the decision. Tough dude.

What is your mindset going in to a fight ?
Kill or be killed.

Who are you fighting next ?
Michal Vojtanic.

What holes or weaknesses do you see in his game that you can exploit ?
I can’t give away fight strategy haha.

What promotion are you fighting for ?
Cage Legacy Fighting Championship.

Date and time of your next fight ?
28th of October, card starts about 6pm.

What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your career ?
Being technically sound in every aspect of the game, also giving back to the community in a meaningful sense.

What is your favorite quote or motto ?
The one that comes to mind at the moment is from the legend himself Dominick Cruz
“From the beginning of your career till the end, you have people telling you, you can’t do something or you are only going to get so far. That either drives you to be the best or it stops at the stipulations that other people have for you”

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the sport so far ?
My career is still in its early stages but so far my transition from a sole grappler to a full mixed martial artist.

Who has been most influential to you in your career ?
My coach Tony Carrick.

Who do you feel has had the biggest impact on the sport and why ?
Conor McGregor without a doubt, mainly because of his riveting personality. Dudes a legend.

How would you describe your fighting style ?
A. This is a hard one, I’m always evolving so it’s hard to say I’m this or that. My goal is to be as good as I can be in every aspect of the game.

What drives or motivates you ?
Being the best in something I work very hard for, sounds corny but proving to those who doubt me that I can achieve my goals through hard work

What is something people might not know about you ?
I’m also a biotechnology student. Knowledge is true power after all.

When you are not in the gym training what do you like to do in your free time ?
I mostly have to study haha.

What advice can you give to young fighters and those who want to become fighters ?
Self-belief, hard work and finding a gym that’s right for you and will help you unearth your full potential.

What do you think you would be doing if you hadn’t become a fighter ?
Something else that’s difficult and rewarding.

What gets you ready for a fight ?
The other guy’s trying to knock my head in, simple as that.

Do you have any pre fight rituals that get you ready mentally to step in the cage ?
No not really.

Where do you see the sport of MMA in 5 years ?
It’s gonna be huge, many other very popular sports pale in comparison to the excitement of hand to hand combat in my opinion.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?
Fighting against and amongst the very best. Living the dream and achieving goals.

What do you think can change moving forward to make MMA better as a sport ?
Implement the pride style gloves in promotions, eye pokes are a serious issue and hopefully it won’t take an athlete getting seriously injured in the cage for them to do so. Also the individualization of athletes, the Reebok sponsorship deal in the UFC takes a lot away from fighters.

Who is your favourite fighter ?
Dominick Cruz without a doubt.

Is there anyone you want to thank or give a shout out to ?
My team and teammates. Everyone who has my back and believes in me.