November 1st 2016
October 27th started much like any other day with an inbox of messages and emails pertaining to interviews and media from all over the combat sports world but one email received that day stood out above the rest and that was the email telling me i had been confirmed for media credentials for the upcoming Bellator card that was to take place at Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut.
As soon as i received this email i quickly made travel and hotel arrangements so that i could take part in this event the excitement was overwhelming and sadly for me would be very shot lived.
October 28th i received another email from Danny Brener Bellators Director Of Communication asking me for more information and i kindly obliged sending him my full resume of promotions i had shot for and people i have done media for.

October 29th My dream of shooting for Bellator came to an abrupt end as i received yet another email from Danny Brener informing me that my credentials where being revoked at this point i was very upset and questioned why and i was given three different stories in follow up emails.The first story i was given stated i had been mistakenly Credentialed for this event the second story stated that they had received to many applicants and did not have enough seats to accommodate everyone and the third and final story i was given stated that the athletic commission was in charge of the media coral at the event and it was in fact them that had media credentials pulled.


Now here is where this story takes an odd twist i was approached by a source that has asked to remain nameless that provided me with information that showed that not only where my media credentials pulled but that the media credentials of 4 other New England mma media outlets had been revoked on the same day.
I found this whole situation to be very strange because first off in my 6 years of training competing and doing media photography and various other things in the combat sports world this was the first time i had ever heard of an athletic commission being in control of the press or media.

This situation was poorly managed by Bellator and Danny Brener and i found my interactions with him to be far from the positive ones i have become used to i have never been as insulted as i was when i was told by this gentleman that i was not a legitimate media outlet.
All this aside my experience with Bellator was a very negative one i was left with nothing more then a sorry and there is nothing we will do to rectify this.
As of this time i have reached out to the tribal gaming and athletic commission for Mohegan Sun and will update this story accordingly as more information comes to light