It’s no secret that the world of MMA is a male dominated world full of testosterone and machismo especially when it comes to running your own promotion.New England MMA has some of the best promotions in the country names like Cage Titans, CES MMA , and New England Fights but out of all the promotions in New England one stands out and that is Premier FC.

In 2009 Karyn Wesch decided that she was going to step in to the male dominated world of Mixed Martial Arts and launch her own brand and promotion the planing would take a year but in 2010 the dream would become a reality as Premier FC held its very first fight card.

6 years and 21 Events later Premier FC is one of the standout promotions in New England and has hosted some of the top-tier talent coming out of New England inside their cage with many of these fighters eventually moving on and getting the call up to the UFC and Bellator.

Karyn’s Passion for MMA and for taking care of the fighters is without a doubt inspiring.
I had the chance to go to a Premier FC event this summer and I was impressed with not only the organization but the team work and positive atmosphere that Karyn had created at her event.

Before this event I had the chance to talk to and Interview Karyn and i was blown away by her strength and confidence she’s a promoter that knows how she wants things to run and doesn’t let the fact that she is a women slow her down no matter what obstacles she is facing.

Below is a brief excerpt of our conversation.
What is it like being one of the rare female promoters in a male dominated sport ?
That is an interesting question as it has been asked of me many times. I guess the only way to explain it is that I don’t feel that my sex has anything to do with the growth of my business. I DO know in the beginning there were not a lot of happy local promoters who saw a girl entering the “man cave”. I was the first Promoter to gain a license in Massachusetts under the sanctioning body so you would think that would have stood for something.I had a few run ins with one in particular that vandalized my vehicle and ran me off the road. I also had a few emails sent that were pretty abrasive but in the end, if I can’t handle that, I shouldn’t be in a sport like this.

I want to close out this article by giving Premier FC a 5 star rating.

If you havent had the chance to go see a Premier event I highly recommend you get out to one and check it out for yourself. In the mean time head over to their Facebook page by clicking the link below so you can keep up to date on all the late breaking news From Premier FC