For Immediate Release

Adaptive Boxing Organisation Health and safety Outline

The ABO (Adaptive Boxing Organisation is proud to partner with PFC (Prize Fighting Championships) and WFM (World Federation of Elite Martial Arts in the development of combat sports for both able-bodied and adaptive athletes world-wide.

Athletes under the umbrella of the ABO,PFC, and WFM will be given the utmost care.Insurance and MRI scans will be mandatory for athletes as well as newly designed head-gear that is currently in its testing phase will be mandatory for fighters to wear in competition.

The ABO,PFC,and WFM support amputee (leg and arm) athletes and will work with each individual to help license them should they meet the stringent medical standards required for Boxing and MMA.

ABO, PFC, and WFM will work to promote adaptive combat sports as well as act as a mentor for a variety of combative and Martial Arts disciplines with the overall goal being to promote the sport of Boxing and (MMMA) Modified Mixed Martial Arts throughout the United Kingdom and Europe as well as to a larger global audience.

The ABO will strive to encourage the widest range of participation in adaptive and able-bodied combat sports with full inclusion for all athletes.
The Abo will assist clubs , societies , schools and colleges as well as sporting individuals in their quest for success and participation in adaptive and able-bodied combat sports.
The ABO will also look to bring together other charity organisations such as Fighting For Autism to share resources and benefit from each others personal experience in adaptive sports.We will also partner with Veterans Association UK to help provide after care to our service men and women.