Helping the community of disabled and amputee athletes
We as a community want to thank you for your time in reading about  The Adaptive Boxing Organisation (ABO).
ABO director Colin Wood is involved in the development of a new wheelchair, safety equipment and all around general health and safety for all adaptive athletes.

The aim is to include all disabled people so they are able to compete in a sport of their choice.
Discussions are already underway with both AIBA (The World governing body for Amateur Boxing) and the Olympic Committee for wheelchair boxing to become eligible as a Paralympic sport in the near future.


Malta Boxing Commission and MBC International also supports amputee (leg) boxers and are willing to consider licensing amputees should they meet the stringent medical standards required.

(ABO) Adaptive Boxing Organisation CIC is currently aiming to work alongside local businesses and is looking for sponsors.
That sponsorship would allow us to secure the organisations economic status to help showcase Adaptive Athletes and Inclusion of Community.
First Governing Body, Organisation for Adaptive Combat sports.

(ABO) Adaptive Boxing Organisation CIC

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Please click the link below to contribute and donate to the ongoing efforts of the Adaptive Boxing Organisation as they work towards their goal of seeing all athletes compete and succeed in their chosen sports.All donations will go into helping the ABO  support their community of athletes and will help to cover costs to train, travel to events,  purchase equipment and further development of safety equipment that will be used in the future.