December 4th 2016


Fighter Profile
Name – Dylan Schoenfeld
Nickname – The Grizzly
Weight Class – Heavyweight
Record – 5 wins 1 loss
Independent Fighter


Coming to us from Clinton Iowa this is Dylan “The Grizzly” Schoenfeld.

Dylan stands 6’3 and competes at heavyweight. Dylan is an independent fighter with a 5-1 MMA record. Dylan has been training for 8 years.

“I’ve been training since I was 13, I’m 21 now. I live and die for Jits and kickboxing this sport saved me from the street life. I grew up in a not so great place”. Dylan got much more involved with martial arts with a promise to his mother. “I started taking fighting seriously when my mom died in 2014. She died on valentine’s day and I just remember telling her I will be the best pro heavyweight to ever come out of Iowa or die trying”.

December 10th, Dylan squares of with Luis Ascencio for the Gateway Fighting Series heavyweight title.

Follow Dylan’s career on Instagram at @Kings6969


Contributing Writer – Conrad Loucks