December 9th 2016


Fighter Profile
Name – David Round
Nickname – Onemore
Weight – 170 pounds
Record – 22 wins 20 losses


Where are you From ?
I’m from the little town of Milford Haven in South West Wales.

How long have you been training in Mixed Martial Arts ?
I have been training and fighting MMA for 8 years.

How did you get involved in MMA ?
I got into MMA because of the love for competition, something inside that made me want to fight and put on entertaining fights for fans and create a legacy and an impact in MMA that will be spoke about long after I retired.

Tell us about your nickname and how you got it ?
I got my nickname because of the style of fighting I brought to MMA, either i would knock people out quick or be in an entertaining war and fans would want one more round.

What was the defining moment for you when you knew you wanted to pursue a career in MMA ?
There wasnt really a defining moment that made me want to be a fighter, I always had that in me and one day after playing rugby i thought im going to do this.

When you decided to chase your dream to become a fighter what was the reaction of family and friends ad where they supportive of your decision ?
My family and friends were very supportive of me . my parents didn’t miss many of my 40+ fights and many of my friends came to a lot of my fights. From the start in nightclubs to The Nia in Birmingham I always had support and gained much support after my fights.

What is your current record ?
My record overall stands at 22-20 with 21 tko/ko and one submission leaving a 100% finish ratio and 94% ko ratio.

What is your favorite strike or submission or combination to utilize in a fight?
My favourite strike is right cross left hook to the body followed by right low kick.


Who has been your biggest inspiration ?
My biggest inspiration has is and always will be my father.

When you step in the cage where do you like the fight to take place do you like to keep it standing or take it to the ground ?
I like to stand with my opponents but I do like a big slam take down, i have a career of huge slams.
What weight do you fight at ?
I have fought at lightweight,welterweight,middleweight,light heavy and heavyweight but i was more comfortable at welterweight.

What separates you from the rest of the pack at 170 pounds ?
My fight anyone anywhere any time attitude sets me apart from other fighters, I never turned down a fight with anyone I was offered that’s not what a fighter does,who ever i was asked to fight id answer with where is the contract ,my manager chris clark would never ask would i fight he would just give me the date. I took a fight on 2 days notice against a top ten UK fighter and knocked him out in the first round because i believe as a fighter no matter when your called or who they offer you get you hair cut and hit the sauna and thats why i was different.

If you could have one dream fight who would it be against and why ?
My dream fight would have been with my favourite MMA fighter The Axe Murderer Wanderlei Silva.


Out of your 44 fights which was your toughest and who would you say your toughest opponent was ?
My toughest fight was with Russ Smith March 20th 2010 Newport,the craziest back and forth 3 round war. My toughest opponent was Shaun Lomas, I hit him with everything I had and he still kept coming until i got the stoppage in round 2.

What is your mindset heading into a fight ?
My mindset going into a fight is always calm and chilled, I don’t think too much about it, it’s the same every time I would walk in i would know i was going in there with the knockout or be knocked out attitude and to put on a fight that people will talk about.


Who are you fighting next ?
I’m fighting for the K1 super title against Terry Brazier on February 4th in The Troxy in London, a fight that he asked for back in May.

What is your favorite quote or motto ?
Dont be scared homie.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the sport thus far ?
My biggest accomplishment was fighting in the WKN world title 8 man gran prix heavyweight tournament in denmark 2013 knocking out 2 heavyweights to reach the final with a broken nose,jaw and foot only to be stopped by a future Bellator fighter.

Who has had the biggest influence on you and your career ?
My parents have been a huge influence in my career and also my good friend and corner man Sam Clark and my little daughter Lola.

Who would you credit with having the biggest impact on the sport and why ?
I think the old school guys like Liddell,Couture,Ortiz,Coleman had a huge impact on the sport bringing it into the mainstream, also the old UK MMA guys Dave O Donnell, Alex Ried, Ian Freeman, AND Matt Ewin , these guys started it in the UK paving the way for everyone else.

How would you describe your fighting style for the fan that has never had the pleasure of watching you work ?
My fighting style is exciting explosive and people know if im in there its guna be a fight, win or lose I will put on a show and fight, i wouldn’t run or point score, i was in their to fight .


When you are not training what do you enjoy doing in your free time ?
When im not in the gym I like playing rugby, few games of darts on a friday with the boys or just chilling home with Mrs film and food.

If you could leave one piece of advice for the next generation of Mixed Martial Artist what would it be ?
If I could give any advice to the young guys starting MMA and wanting to fight it would be to go for it, give it everything you got have no regrets, if you look back on your career and think Oh i could have done that or i wish i did that then you didn’t give it all. I look back at my career and i have no regrets , im proud of what i did and achieved and i know i did my best and tried my hardest and if you get into this sport with that in your mind then you can do it.

What do you think you would be doing today if you had never gotten into MMA ?
If I hadn’t become a fighter I would have continued with Rugby , not at a high level just local team games.

Do you have any rituals that get you in the right mindset before heading to the cage ?
I have few rituals before I fight, always have a nap in the afternoon followed by a shower, When getting hands wrapped its right first than left then gloves I put left on then the right, i walk out with my daughters bib and kiss it before letting it go.

Where do you see the sport of MMA in 5 years ?
The sport of MMA will be huge in 5 years, olympics will have it and you wont be able to pick up a paper without seeing it in there.

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the road ?
In 5 years I will have ended my K1 career and hopefully will have a little gym of my own to coach .

Who is your favorite fighter ?
My favourite fighter is Wanderlie Silva

Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to ?
Yeah id like to thank Granicol Ltd , Nicky Greggain, Bear hug sports, Ian Smith,The Astoria, Stuart LLoyd ,Tensai , Sweet Sweat, Python Fight Gear, Pow Guard , Chris Clark The Fight Agency


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