January 6th 2016

Fighter Profile
Name – Grant Shanaman
Nickname – The Man
Weight – 155 Pounds
Record – 1 Win 1 Loss
Team – Team Roc

Remembering Grant
We sat down this week to talk to manager Tammy Stone about her fighter and friend Grant Shanaman who tragically passed away last year.

Where was Grant from ?
Grant was from Media Pennsylvania.

What was Grants record ?
Grant was 2-1 in record Pro

What team was Grant Training with
He was with Team Roc out of Fayetteville Nc where he lived and also was serving.

Tell us a little about Grant how did he get into Mixed Martial Arts ?
He was an 82nd Airborn ranger. He always told me he got into MMA because he loved to stay in shape but it was also like his medicine and therapy from all the years being deployed but he loved fighting for the sport it’s self.

What was Grants biggest dream ?
His Dream was to be with Bellator.

When Grant stepped in the cage where did the fight take place ?
He Loved striking but more so going to the ground and submitting his opponent.

Tell us about Grants nickname and how he got it ?
Grants nickname was Shanaman because it was a part of his last name but also “The Man ” he got that Name from his buddies when he served but also loved the song by Aloe Black ” The man ” it was his walk out song for the words reminded him of himself.

What where Grants biggest inspirations in life ?
his Inspirations in life were his 4 children and everything he did was for them and on days off it was all about his Kids and he loved to learn how to cook for them and spend time with them he would even let his daughter paint his toes and would take her to get pedicures just so he could spend the day with her he was about spoiling them always.

What did it mean to Grant to be a fighter ?
Being a Fighter meant everything to him it was his outlet and he wanted to show everyone he was something and could do anything he or they could set their minds to.

What separated Grant from the rest of the fighters at 155 pounds ?
Grant was 38 years old he knew the clock was ticking with age so he wanted to try to build up fast and if he did not make it to Bellator at least have a Huge record to show others you can do it even in your 30’s. He was ranked # 17 in NC in his weight class also due to his Amateur record he was 4-2 as an amateur and went pro but did Grappling and tournaments as well.

When was Grants first fight ?
His first fight was February 2012.

If Grant could have had any dream fight who would it have been against and why ?
Grant often said he did not have a dream fight he wanted to take them all on and run threw them all at 155

What advice do you think Grant would leave for the next generation of fighters ?
I think Grant would tell young men today to follow your Dreams and to never let anyone else Define you and to be Great as you can be and to always follow your heart

For those who do not know can you explain what happened to Grant ?
What Happened to him is what so many of our Military go through they face the dark places after wars and he was in so much pain facing things he went through that he could no longer Love Himself but only others. Grant Lived with a lot of dark nights because of all the wars he went through and personal struggles but never let many know about them. The Military was his life he loved this country and what it stood for and helping others – he often would put himself last and others first and was always there for everyone if you needed him in the middle of the night he was there no matter who you were he was a friend , and others need to know that he loved everyone and always was very protective of those he loved friends were not friends to him but family he often told me that. Grant had 10 deployments in 18 years which delayed him going Pro till Feb 2015.

Take us back to the moment you found out what went through your mind ?
The Moment I found out that is a tough one I had just talked to him the Night before I was helping him plan his next fight and the trip i was going to ride down with him and Corner him he always wanted me right there and Rachael also and we talked about his song and proposing so it caught me off guard for sure because we talked about everything. I thought he was doing better there are a lot of things we talked about i will never say what for it was between him and i and he trusted me but we had made big plans for his Future and all i can say is after hitting my knees to the floor and screaming for about 20 min while on the Phone with poor Rachael listening to me i stopped to ask her how and she said she had found him. My heart broke even more cause i could not imagine how she was being strong after finding him and yet call me because I lived that pain before with my Husband and she called me when i would have not been able to but i had to ask How and that hurt even more for now i have Nightmares and i know she does to. it felt like a part of me died that day.

How has this tragedy affected you and everyone that knew Grant ?
My Brother was gone and the days after I could not eat or sleep do nothing but cry my TAC team did my work for me I was consumed with grief more than i could bare no matter how strong i can be that one Moment changed my life forever. I miss him everyday i think about him every time i am asked for a 155 pro and i think of him every time i walk into a Venue and I think of him when i match a card and think of him through everything i do every day makes me think of him and i do it for him i often thought can i stay in this line of work but the answer is i can and will for him. I cried for days till i could not touch my face it was raw and still have my days with tears just about everyday still here and there
This Tragedy has changed us all we are all trying to remember him but also trying to bring more awareness to others to help reach out to our vets but also for our vets to know they are not alone and are not a burden and we love them it has pushed us all to hope we can open doors to get the Govt more involved about our vets to help them more Vets die after getting home than anywhere else in this country and it should not be like this they fight for us and we need to fight for them.

What do you think Grant would want to change so that no one else ever has to go through the things he did ?
I do not think there are enough services to help our Vets out there , they hide so much deep down and do not talk about it they do not want to think they are weak by doing so and when they do talk it is only to very few he just got tired of the pain he had in his Mind and heart

What do you want people to remember Grant for ?
I want everyone to remember Him for the kind, Loving man he was always smiling and bringing such joy to us all and he was so protective of others and he lived for all of us he slept in places like in the desert mountains on rocks and where ever he had to in order to make sure we all were safe because he felt it was an Honor to be there for Us he once told me he often told myself and others were not friends but family he always told me I was never alone đŸ˜¦ I had Him when ever I needed him and he loved me and always thanked me for being there for him and believing in him and most of all never giving up on him .

What did Grant enjoy doing in his free time ?
He often told me he was nothing without his Kids and he pushed for them they were his whole Life and the Only thing that Mattered he loved his Kids so much you could see it in his eyes they would light up.

Grant had 18 years in the US Army, 11 served with the 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Battalion, and 10 combat deployments he was an amazing human being, father, Friend and soldier brother and son. He was Goofy all the time making everyone laugh and acting like a nerd at times making us laugh. He wanted nothing in the world but to share his Victories with his Kids he did it for them.
Grant Loved His TAC team-mate Wesley they where both Military so they built a Bond and he looked forward to seeing him fight again Dec 2 at Valor Fights.
TAC meant everything to him he often said he was going to take it off the map in wins and build it up to be Greater than it was he would tell me and said he was going to do it for me also and send me to Hawaii đŸ™‚ that was his heart. He said he Believed in me cause I believed in him and he would fight any one over me and not let anyone be mean to me.
Grant is my hero and a hero to everyone that was lucky enough to know him. He made my life better.

Tell us something special about Grant ?
He could cook but would call me saying he could not but he tried I would tell him how to make stuff but most of the time he did pretty good but always wanted to learn new things for the kids Year before last at Thanksgiving he would call me or text me asking how to make something for them

Is there anything you want to say in closing ?
Grant Loved Rachael said she made him a better man and she helped him so much in 8 months and he Met her at church he was a Godly man always trying to keep his Faith though I am Thankful for him everyday.

In closing up this interview I want to leave some resources for our veterans and i want to tell you that you are never alone and its ok to seek help for the things your going through 22 veterans commit suicide every day please reach out and seek help if you feel you no longer want to live never forget you are loved and there are people out there that will talk to you and help you.

Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255, press 1

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