A Letter to Miss Meryl Streep…..

Dear Miss Streep,
I feel compelled to address your remarks from last night.
By your accusations, my daughter, Summer is not doing an ART. So then what has she been doing the past 8 years Miss Streep? Summer is more dedicated, more loyal, and more respectful to her ART than you will ever be to yours. Yea, I know who you are and what you do but apparently you have absolutely no clue what my daughter and thousands of young, bright girls and boys do every day. The sweat and tears that comes along with Victory and Defeat! The loyalty that comes with her Arts. In an era where obesity in kids is skyrocketing you should encourage young girls like Summer to continue her Art to better her body and mind.

Through Muay Thai (I’m sure you don’t even know what that is Miss Streep and that’s another topic – so Google it if you choose)
Summer learns balance and focus in life. As the late great Bruce Lee stated: “Behind the punches, kicks, and knees, a true martial artist Learns to sit with himself and see where his weaknesses are.”
She learns to takes hits, and not just punching and kicks. You see Miss streep, we live in a world where coming in last is OK and you will get a trophy no matter where you place. God forbid we teach kids about winning and loosing. When I take Summer to a local 5k (which she usually wins) I see everyone getting a trophy. I’m bewildered by this…. how is it teaching a child to strive to be a better person? I’ll answer that for you…. IT DOES NO SUCH THING!

Martial arts on the other hand is very clear on this subject. The WINNER gets the biggest trophy or belt, second get something smaller, third gets something even smaller and the rest need to try harder next time. Isn’t that the point we try to do everyday in life? If you don’t succeed try try again. NOT, if you don’t succeed you get a trophy anyway.
She uses her Martial Arts to Conflict Resolutions:
She has never been in a fight but there has been times where kids try to challenge her because of what she does. She has learned there is NO reason to use her Muay Thai outside the ring unless it is the last resort. Even then she is taught to try with all other means nessessary to defuse the conflict and find other means to solve her problems. To this day Summer or any of her teammates have never been in a fist fight. Actually, every single one of her teammates are A,B students and most make high Honor Roll every marking period.
When Summer is a week out from a competition her body, mind and spirit are as one. Her homework seems easier, she smiles a bit more and her respect is almost suspect because it’s that good!


She is the best friend anyone could ask for in life. She is the kid everyone knows they can count on when they need a favor. She is the best big sister any little girl could ask for… Yes Miss Streep, I have 3 girls! I’m raising them to be strong, independent young woman. Im not, what many of your kind try to do, teaching them to be professional victims! They will never be a victim, NEVER! Everything they receive in life will because they earned it not because they are a helpless girl who can’t fend for themselves.
Matter of fact Miss Streep didn’t you WIN an award last night? Didn’t others loose to you? It seems the only standard the left and Hollywood Elite has is the double kind.
Here is my suggestion for you and all the others in Hollywood:
The actor’s, the comedians, the talk show host….
Either learn about Martial ARTS before you speak about it or keep your mouth shut! To your clan, you sounded just brilliant, marvelous even. To the Martial Artist you sounded very uneducated and pathetic. Can you imagine that a YALE U grad sounding ignorant? Yep I think we all just did! But, as I have read you’re an optimist so maybe you will grow from this. You state that you believe in the power of the human attempt – the best of ourselves. Well Martial Arts is just that Miss Steep. It’s exactly that! The power of the human attempt. You know what, I’m going to use that in my speech to my daughter before her next competition! Thank you, that’s just brilliant.

But guess what Meryl (can I call you Meryl? I feel a connection. Well maybe not but I’ll go with it anyway)
Summer and the rest of her sport mates have more of that human attempt than you and your cronies will ever ‘attempt’ to achieve.
You see what you do is actually fake. You play pretend and get to be someone else for a while. What Summer and the rest of the Martial Arts world does is as real as it gets. It’s that simple!!

This sport is more excepting of athlete’s individual beliefs than any other I can recall. The new Woman’s Champion is a proud lesbian with her girlfriend right by her side in every match. We have people from all over the world competing on some of the biggest stages in the World. It has given young girls, like Summer, a new platform to show off their talents and skills. They are brave, fierce, and successful! At 13 years old Summer could teach you a thing or two about life!
#Martial Arts is an Art
Sincerely, A very proud father of a deplorable Mixed Martial Artist!


This letter was written by Jeffery Bronco father of 13 year old Muay Thai fighter Summer Bronco.