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January 29th 2017


Fighter Profile
Name – Alton Cunningham
Nickname – The Bo-Man
Weight – 185 Pounds
Record – 7 Wins 1 Loss
Team – Perfect Moves Martial Arts
Titles Held – 3 River Throwdown Middleweight Title, Pure Fighting Championship Middleweight Title, and Chosen Few Fighting Championship Middleweight Title.

Standing 6’2 and competing at 185lbs, this is Alton “The Bo-Man” Cunningham.
Alton was born in Memphis, Tennessee and fights out of Perfect Moves Martial Arts, under Master Lawrence Pearson. Alton is currently 7-1 in MMA, all wins by tko or ko, on a 6 fight win streak, and his only loss comes by decision.

Alton currently holds the 3 River Throwdown, Pure Fighting Championship, and Chosen Few Fighting Championship Middleweight Titles. Alton is also ranked #1 in both Minnesota and Wisconsin at middleweight, as well as #3 of 834 active middleweight in the Midwest United States by
Alton came to martial arts as a professional wrestling fan. “I grew up a pro wrestling fan growing up. Guys like Undertaker, Stone Cold, The Rock, even when Ken Shamrock was there. They were my idols. I would say when I got into high school, I started focusing and watching more MMA. Around the time Brock Lesnar joined. The fighter that truly inspired me to give it a shot was Fedor Emelianenko. What that guy represents and what he has accomplished will never be matched. You’re talking about a guy who arguably should have been a Middleweight out there slaying giant Heavyweights. It was a sight to see.

Growing up for me, making friends wasn’t easy. I got picked on a lot, especially when I moved from Arkansas to Wisconsin. It’s crazy because some of those guys that picked on me are now fans of me lol. Crazy how life works. During my obsession with pro wrestling I always wanted to be the WWE world champion. It is no different for MMA. I said it when I was 14 years old and I’m living it out now, I will be world champion. And I will bury every obstacle in front of me until that day comes.”

Alton’s next fight will be his professional debut, April 22nd in Lacrescent, Minnesota, for 3 River Throwdown. “I made my debut there and won my 1st title there. The people love me whether I fight one of their own or anybody else. It’s a second home and it’s only fitting to make my pro debut there”.

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Contributing Writer – Conrad “The Influence” Loucks