February 5th 2016
SFCL and The Fighting Monkeys MMA Madness present The National Amateur Spotlight.


Fighter Profile
Name – Akeela Al-Hameed
Nickname – AK
Weight – 135-145 Pounds
Record – 3 Wins 0 Losses
Titles Held – 2016 Thai Boxing Association Super Welterweight Title
Team – Spartan Martial Arts


Representing Spartan Martial Arts and training under Tom and Kelly Schmitz, this is Akeela “AK” Al-Hameed. Akeela stands 5’6 and a half and competes at both 135 and 145lbs.


Akeela comes to us from Fort Dodge, Iowa, and fights out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Akeela is very well rounded, winning the 2016 Thai Boxing Association super welterweight title, as well as holding a blue belt in jiu-jitsu. “I am a huge fan of jiu-jitsu and the love of this art grows each day. I am currently a blue belt with an undefeated record in matches and I roll every day. I am a competitive martial artist and will be competing in numerous jiu-jitsu competitions in the near future”.

Akeela also holds a 3-0 MMA record and is the #2 ranked ammy female, pound for pound, in Minnesota, by tapology.com. Akeela was brought to MMA by another fighter. “I was introduced to MMA by a former fighter, Dan Kiser. I walked into the gym and got destroyed by every member, big and small. Because of my competitive spirit, I believe it isn’t over till I win, so I kept coming back for more”.

Akeela is looking to return to the cage soon, but is very difficult to match. “I am having a tough time finding women who are even willing to throw down, let alone scrap for a title. The courage is thin in the Midwest and I am trained to go with any amateur regardless of experience and skill level. Being an amateur is about fighting whoever is in front of you. This is not the stage to pick and choose.

I would like to thank the many promotions/individuals/matchmakers who have put the effort into finding me opponents, I am grateful for their help”. Akeela was able to find a Muay Thai match, March 4th, at the Canterbury Park Expo Center, for Driller Promotions.

Follow Akeela’s career on Instagram @ak_hashashin


Contributing Writer – Conrad “The Influence” Loucks