February 8th 2017


Announcer Profile
Name – Garett Fertig
Years Active -2010-Present
Sports Announced – Pro Wrestling, MMA, and Boxing


Where are you from ?
Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. I live in Salem, Or now.


How did you initially get into combat sports and announcing ?
I started announcing pro wrestling and just kind of naturally transitioned into combat sports. I have been a fan of MMA for well over a decade so I figured I would see if I could be of use.

What made you decide you wanted to be an announcer ?
It’s a long story but the short version goes like this. I loved pro wrestling my entire life. As a young adult I was able to train and eventually become a pro wrestler in the northwest. I wrestled on the west coast for 8 years. Eventually too many concussion along with some other brain issues forced me to stop. I announced summer baseball when I was younger and the next month at one of the wrestling shows that I used to wrestle on the announcer didn’t show up and so they asked me to do it. I did that for a few years and then branched out to MMA and boxing.


How long have you been announcing and commentating combat sports events ?
I started announcing pro wrestling November of 2010 and MMA in January 2014. I think I started announcing pro boxing about a year or so ago as well.


Besides MMA what other sports or events do you announce and commentate for ?
See above. I’d like to get into more common sports as well. I’d love to announce minor or major league baseball, football, or even something like a monster truck so just to see what its like.


What is your favorite memory or moment from an event you have worked ?
I think my favorite memory, actually I have two. First being the time I did an MMA show in front of Bill Goldberg and my mic only worked about half the time. So I was left to announce the show without a mic. He said I did well and reminded him of Mauro Renallo. The other being at a boxing event that seated a few thousand and thinking when I got to the building that they couldn’t pack the place and if they did it would be the biggest crowd I had announced in front of. Well by show time the building was packed and I was kinds nervous.

What does it take to be the voice of an event ?
That’s a question I don’t really know the answer to. I am just me. I feel I am able to feel a crowd to bring them up or down as needed, which I kind of attribute to my pro wrestling days of being able to read a crowd. I feel as an announcer you control the tempo, the feel, the timing. Nothing happens without you there. A good announcer adds to a show and makes it better. A bad announcer sticks out like a store thumb and people just want them to hurry up with their announcements.


What is your favorite part of being an announcer ?
I have two. First is being able to hype a crowd for their favorite fighter just by talking about him. They second is that the promoters are paying me to sit cage/ringside and watch fights. It doesn’t get much better than that.


I ask this question to the fighters I interview but I want to know what does it take to get mentally in the zone before you announce an event ?
I’m at the building at least two hours before. I talk with each fighter a little to get a sense of their personality. I ask each a few questions and I walk the building, the cage/ ring, I test my mic. I kind of dot my I’s and cross my T’s so that everyone that at work with is on the same page. And as long as I have my honey sticks, alpha brain (Onnit sponsor me), some water, my throat candy and my fighter cards I’m good to go.


Do you have any rituals that get you ready to go out there and announce or commentate ?
All my rituals happen in the hotel. The shower, the shave, how a prep my suit, where I put things, my fighter card, my mic flag. All little things that I do that nobody sees that help me get into “character” for a show.

Who has been your biggest inspiration or influence ?
Biggest inspiration are the fighters I announce. Even though I practice Jiu Jitsu I never want to get in a cage or a ring and fight. Those guys do it because they love it. I announce them because I love pumping them up right before battle.
As for people in general who have inspired me or influenced me I’d have to say Don Essig is number 1. I’m almost positive nobody knows who he is but he is a very famous announcer from where I’m from. Don is the voice of Oregon Ducks football. People always say “so you want to me the next Bruce Buffer.” I say no I want to be the first me. But my dream job is the Job that Don Essig has. I want to be the voice of Oregon Ducks football.
Announcers that have influenced my style are kind of scattered as well. I feel I have a little Joe Martinez, a little Howard Finkle and a sprinkle of Don Essig.


Where will you be commentating or announcing next ?
For the month of February I have one more show at the Tulalip Casino in Washington state. It’s put on by Combat Games MMA which is part of Alliance MMA. It’s gonna be a fun show as I will get to talk with Burt Watson backstage and Lyoto Machida as well. March bring a couple more events in the northwest for pro boxing and MMA as well. I try to stay as busy as I can but I am always looking for more bookings.


Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to ?
I’d like to thank all the promoters who have ever taken a chanced and booked me to announce or commentate one of their shows. I hope that I made you proud. I’d like to thank each and every fighting, boxer, or pro wrestler that I have announced for because without you there is no me. And a special thanks to Heather Standing of without her taking a little time with me I would have never been able to get my foot in the door of MMA.

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