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March 19th 2017


Fighter Profile
Name – Zack Davis
Nickname – Cadillac
Weight – 155-185 Pounds
Record – 11 Wins 2 Losses
Team – The Den Fitness Center


SFCL and The Fighting Monkeys MMA Madness present The National Amateur Spotlight.

Standing 6 foot even and competing anywhere between 155 and 185lbs, this is Zack “Cadillac” Davis. Zack comes to us from Du Quoin, Illinois and represents The Den Fitness Center in Carterville, Illinois. Currently 11-2 in MMA, Zack holds multiple titles in multiple weight classes, including GE Fights lightweight and TFE welterweight titles.


Zack is a HOOKnSHOOT veteran, #2 ranked welterweight in Indiana, and #4 ranked welterweight out of 1095 active welterweight fighters in the Midwest United States by With all his MMA accomplishments, Zack tries to avoid belt testing in other martial arts. “I want my attacks to have an element of surprise. Say I’m fighting a purple belt in BJJ and he sees or hears I’m a white belt. Well, his instinct is going to be ‘Get this to the ground and I have this won’ but little does he know, I’ve been training BJJ for 6 years, so my skill level is up there with his, it just doesn’t show”.


Zack followed some high school friends to martial arts. “Well I’ve always been a scrapper, ever since I can remember, but I left for the military and came home a few years later to see some buddies from high school were doing MMA and I was like ‘shit, I can definitely do this’, spoke with my buddy, and his brother hooked me up with my first instructor and it all started there”.
Zack returns to action March 25th in Sullivan, Indiana. He faces off with Cory Roush for Tru-Form Entertainment.


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Contributing Writer – Conrad “The Influence” Loucks