June 20th 2017


Fighter Profile
Name – Donnie Francis
Weight – 135-145 Pounds
Record – 0 Wins 1 Loss
Team – New England Submission Fighting



Where are you from ?
Ware, Massachusetts.


How long have you been training in Mixed Martial Arts ?
On and off for about 5 years.


How did you get in to MMA ?
I started out my Martial arts career with Hapkido. It wasn’t enough for me so I started looking around and found the sport.


Tell us about your nickname how you got it ?
I don’t really have one yet. We have a few jokes floating around the gym of course lol. I’m down for any suggestions. If you follow me on the social media stuff you’d get some good ideas.

What was the defining moment for you when you knew you wanted to become a fighter?
Competing in martial arts was always something I wanted to do thanks to my grandfather Donald Roy who back in the day was a hot-shot. MMA was the best way for me to showcase my hard work.


Were your family and friends supportive when you decided to enter the world of MMA ?
Yes and no. Complicated, my wife now is, and my adopted family after years of bitching is.


What is your current record ?
0-1 😔 soon to change, also long story lol.


What is your favorite strike, submission, or combination to use in a fight ?
Honestly who doesn’t love the Supermen punch, that or The Super Dragon Fist (my real fav)


Who is your biggest inspiration ?
I’d have to say my Grandfather.


What team do you train with ?
I train with New England Submission Fighting. Absolutely wish I made the switch sooner.


When you step in the cage do you like to stand with your opponent or take the fight to the ground ?
My last fight I wanted to keep standing. I still haven’t figured out my prefered method.


What does being a fighter mean to you ?
Being a role model. I do a lot of charity work and my day job is a social worker in a group home.


What weight do you fight at ?
It various. I’m open for 135,140, and 145.


what do you think separates you from other fighters In your division ?
Time will tell. After 2 years off I’m gonna be coming back stronger and more skilled than I ever thought imaginable and I’m only gonna get better.


If you could have one dream fight who would it be against and why ?
That is a tough one. I’d love to put in some work with any of the old school greats.


Who has been your toughest fight to date ?
My first fight which was the last time I fought. If I’d have known what I was getting myself into, I would’ve tried holding out for a better match up.


What is your mindset going in to a fight ?
I was calm. Due to the life I’ve lived conflict is something I’m used to so getting locked in a cage with the expectation of unarmed gladiatorial combat was kinda like reliving my childhood.


Who are you fighting next ?
Looks like after a long and patient wait
Kenny Champion.


What holes or weaknesses will you be looking to take advantage of in your opponents game plan.
I’m gonna out strike him I plan on dominating where ever the fight goes.


What promotion are you fighting for ?
Ammo Fight League.


Date and time of your next fight ?
June 24th 2017. Not sure on the exact time.


What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your career ?
I wanna be remembered for working hard, sense of humor, sweet moves, and if I’m able to making a difference through combat sports.


What is your favorite quote or motto ?
“Ovet 9000!”


What has been your biggest accomplishment in the sport so far ?
Just being able to step into the cage with such a high level athlete for my debut.


Who has been most influential to you in your career ?
I look for a lot of guidance from my current coach.


Who do you feel has had the biggest impact on the sport and why ?
The family that helped start it all. Without BJJ and the Gracie challenges back in the day we may not have the same sport we do today.


How would you describe your fighting style ?
Super Saiyan.


What drives or motivates you to step in the cage and compete ?
My kids and my charity work.


What is something people might not know about you?
I’m the Green Arrow…and I’m also pretty geeky


When you are not in the gym training what do you like to do in your free time ?
Video games, conventions, dressing up as a Superhero and doing what I can in regards to visiting hospitals or doing charity events


What advice can you give to young fighters and those who want to become fighters?
Find a real gym with a good group of people and a coach you can trust and just show up, put in the work, eat your vegetable, and take your vitamins.


What do you think you would be doing if you hadn’t become a fighter ?
I’d go back to working part-time in law enforcement and putting more focus on Super hero stuff.


What gets you mentally prepared for a fight ?
Just focusing on what I gotta do.


Do you have any rituals that get you ready to step in the cage ?
Nope, adjust my cup, make sure my mouth piece is on correctly


Where do you see the sport of MMA in 5 years ?
I’d like to be running a pro division as champ for a reputable promotion.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?
Same as the last question, except I’d like to be way more established in regards to working with different charitable organizations and to have a Fighting For Autism therapy center opened in Ma.


Who is your favorite fighter ?
George st Pierre.


Is there anyone you want to thank or give a shout out to?
My coach and teammates for putting up with me, Fighting For Autism, my buddies with The Angry Geeks Show, my family, my grandfather, and you for wanting to ask me questions.


Photo Credit – Billy Nichols Photography